About Us

Indigenous Growth Limited would love to strategically partner with organisations who want to create an environment where indigenous people can thrive.

Lets take your genuine Diversity and Inclusion strategy and execute authentically to get real results.

The Opportunity

We know there are genuine and hard working organisations that still have:

  • Low representation of Diversity and Inclusion at the decision-making table
  • Innovation and multi-cultural diversity of thought is still missing
  • Unable to see hidden high performers using the current lenses, systems and structures in place

We understand 2 key elements of why indigenous do not thrive in your organisation:

  • How your systems and structures create a double glazed glass ceiling for indigenous
  • How our indigenous people’s learned beliefs hold them back from thriving


The programmes we have implemented with our partners | clients have been recognized nationally and internationally.

How we partner with you to execute your genuine intent authentically?

  1. Analyze strategic priorities, strengths and motivations
  2. Compare and Contrast with proven “Bring your wholeself to work” leadership model
  3. Create Authentic Execution Plan

7 steps to put your self in the best position to getting a promotion.

Stop losing money and opportunity by missing the potential that is right in front of you.

Develop your organisation from the inside out – starting with your people.

if you don’t act now!

  • Continued loss of potential productivity from your indigenous workforce.
  • Losing money and authentic access to the indigenous economy
  • Losing Diversity of thought and innovation at the decision-making table
  • If there is not a fair representation within middle management and senior management, your current pathway is not working despite genuine intent.

If you act now!

  • Indigenous workforce will be able to play personal, professional and cultural roles.
  • Bring the cultural worldview to the decision-making table
  • Utilise diversity of thought to create innovation and disruption in the market
  • Unveil the high performers that have been hidden within your organization
  • Execute your genuine intent authentically – and get RESULTS for your investment.

Our Team