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Meet Michael Moka

Michael Moka is the owner of Indigenous Growth Limited and his passion is to empower families to get themselves out of the poverty cycle.

His passion is to serve the low socio economic demographic. At the age of 12 he knew his purpose. Like many young indigenous who fit the negative stereotype, it was based on everything he didn't want to be. Not knowing how this was going to be achieved he decided to be a rebel in his own right—by loving school, doing homework, passing NCEA, not smoking, not doing drugs, not getting into fights etc.

In 2005 he felt he had achieved his definition of success. But achieving success without the family achieving their success felt hollow. Another trend occurred where his success was so unfamiliar to the family that some assumed he felt he was too good for them. He made a conscious decision to pursue his dedication to empower his family and families like his who were trapped in a poverty cycle—who work hard yet still can't get directions out of this cycle. Since 2005 he chose a specialised path dedicated to this goal of serving his family and families like his—taking, creating and capitalising on all opportunities with his purpose being his decision making.

Four key traits that served him in a purposeful direction:

Insatiable urge to Learn
  • In 2005 (still at Kelston Boys High School) he asked a question: why are many bosses accountants? Principal of my school, a boss of a social work company, dean of the university, CEO etc. If he was going to become a social worker, how could he be the boss so I could make more change? He studied the relevant subjects and went to the University of Auckland Business School to get a degree in Accounting. Being purpose driven provided him with the drive to attend every class and listen to every lecture—even in accounting. In 2010 he graduated with his Bachelors in Commerce degree majoring in Accounting, Marketing and Commercial Law. He found out the type of thinking needed to be a manager or boss.

  • In 2010 he chose a different route from his accounting graduate peers. After different interviews including some from top 4 accounting firms he accepted a marketing role within Executive Education at The University of Auckland Business School. As an inexperienced graduate he was able to utilise his power play as cheap talent. The negotiation exchanging low salary for high professional development costs seemed to be a win/win for both parties. Knowing that the organisation was a professional development organisation, the overhead costs would be highly cost effective for him to be professionally developed.

  • The Executive Education department develops executives (middle management higher) at the cost of $1,995 + GST for a 2 day short course. Having access to these courses and the people on these courses he acquired the following:

    • More than $150,000 of professional development.

    • Personalised mentoring from facilitators.

    • Access to material from specific facilitators.

    • Enthusiastic networking circle.

    • Trained to facilitate programs.

    • Certified (ABNLP) NLP Practitioner through Influencing Now.

    • Certified Executive Coach (Approved coaching specific training hours—International Coaching Federation) through Coaching Pacific.

Whanau (Family) Focus
  • The first pilot program, despite the caution, was completed successfully by members of the family.

  • Being true to being a Maori: As a whanau without many riches (these include assets, cash, MaoriLanguage, Knowledge of Maori Protocol, whanau networks) we do support each other through thick and thin. Now we have a strong core we can now start moving forward to building these secondary riches to be even stronger.

  • To create avenues to keep the whanau engaged, empowered and excited to be a whanau.

  • Chairman and Treasurer of Whanau trust, as the whanau organises the first of many family reunions.

  • Living the change he wants to be—putting a focus on health and outdoors. E.g. Organising family touch teams which includes training, food and kids having fun.

  • Being a supportive member of the family willing to take his role as a follower just as much as his role as a leader.

  • With no more elders from my grandparent's generation, along with his siblings and cousins, he proudly represents the mantra of his parents' generation, which is even more exciting as the whanau have a younger generation who are amazing in every way. With only counting over 100 of us in West Auckland, it is an organisation in itself with such events as: monthly family meetings, monthly fundraisers, winter touch teams, birthdays, Saturday sports, school productions, Easter, Christmas, New Year's etc.

Servant ship
  • First Foundation—proud mentee, MC for scholarship evenings, speaking on behalf of First Foundation for: Ex CEO of telecom Paul Reynolds, NZ hockey teams for common wealth games, Documentaries, Magazines, Speaker at the governor general house etc. Proud advocate of this organisation who provide youth with financial hardship with a hand up not a hand out.

  • Life Education Trust Auckland Trustee (Auckland Central)—Life Education is a charity that provides children with the knowledge to make informed choices about their health, respect others and learn to appreciate their uniqueness. We reach 225,000 primary and intermediate children every year.

  • Nga Tauira Maori NTM (Maori student association of the University of Auckland Business School): Highly involved with the Maori student association for 7 years including serving in the leadership positions as Treasurer, President and more importantly proud member. Creating a whanau within a tertiary institution and meeting the future Maori leaders of Aoteroa.

  • Manafika (Maori and Pacific Island Business Student Association)—being a founding member and president for the association as we try and create a family within a corporate institution.

  • Others including: Camp Quality: Big Brother for kids living with cancer, Youth Leader: Move it youth program, Reading programs at primary school, speaking engagements etc

Cultural Skills
  • Youth Motivation: Attended over 70 high schools, performing to over 8,000 students (mainly low decile schools), either as a member of NTM to perform skits or as a guest speaker at prizegivings, school assemblies or special occasions, to empower youth to seek higher education and follow their dreams. Based on the premise if he can do it you can do it too.

  • Kapahaka: In 2005 he made a conscious decision to stop kapahaka after 11 years as a lifestyle. This was the hardest selfless decision he made but it was due to the focus he had for his dream. This never stopped him from using the skills he acquired to be proud of being maori and showing that you can still do all that you want to do. Performing for many opportunites: For example: Rugby world cup 2011 opening ceremony, Netball World Cup 2007 opening ceremony, Rihanna haka at her last concert 2013 etc. Now looking forward to rekindling that passion for kapahaka as vehicle to be an example for the next generation in his family.

  • Toastmasters (Joined in October 2012): his love of performing and the decision to hold kapahaka till later he chose to further enhance his skill in Public Speaking. Combining his cultural aspect of speaking with the technical skills that are acquired in the Northern Club Toastmasters family to further enhance himself in the public speaking arena.

He has created Indigenous Growth Limited as an organisation who is focused on developing people based on proven successful models. These are based on the concepts of which he has learnt, acquired, implemented and taught due to his Insatiable Urge To Learn.

With tribute to his main drive his Whanau, Indigenous Growth Limited wants to serve and empower people with the tools to get out of the poverty cycle. The target market that best represents my family are: Self-employed, Front-line workers, Unemployed (i.e. single mothers, school leavers, beneficiaries, sick etc) and youth. These will be the beneficiaries of the programmes.

With his experience of Servant ship in the Charities and NFP organisations, financially struggling to do good isn't right. If you can succeed financially from a phone you should be able to succeed financially doing good in the community. It will empower more people to want to take the service route, if they see it as a financially viable route also.

He is able to combine all of his passions into a dream career. He can look after himself physically, mentally, spiritually and financially. This will allow him serve and empower his whanau, hapu, iwi, community, nation, globe. He can perform through his facilitation and public speaking. He can keep true to his cultural foundation. He can help people who want to get out of the poverty cycle. He can meet indigenous people world-wide. He can continue to aspire to achieve even more dreams as he progresses. Showing that dreams are turned into possibility then reality.

Interested in becoming a customer, volunteer or stakeholder with Indigenous Growth Limited.

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