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Professional Indigenous Programmes

Through Conversation and Partnership

To achieve the vision to fully empower indigenous people so they can empower themselves it is imperative to create long term (12–18 month) Professional Indigenous Programs. Creating a 12–18 month Professional Indigenous Programme is a significant investment of your organisation's time, resources and money. This is where we can serve you.

We will partner with you to develop a programme specific to the needs of your organisation. We are committed to staying true to the physical, mental, financial and spiritual commitments that indigenous people need to relate and succeed.

We look forward to growing a relationship with your organisation and partnering with you towards the growth of your frontline indigenous workers.

Five key areas

Our Professional Indigenous Programmes are focused on five broad key areas

People Management

Personal Leadership

Personal Resilience

Professional Skills

Personal Executive Coach

We believe there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution when it's about indigenous growth. So we will work closely with your organisation to identify your objectives and tailor the programme for the needs of your people.

Why choose these programmes?

Our approach is to highlight the importance of building a relationship through hui (conversation). We identify principles modelled by successful people in different areas that can be adapted into an indigenous approach.

A 12–18month indigenous development process that works with your team to grow their individual and collective business skills and business education.

Every participant has their own Personal Executive Coach.

Participants are accepted through an application process. The criteria will be discussed during our conversations to ensure the best result.

These programmes support, stimulate and sustain growth for the individual and organisation long-term.

It provides interaction with like-minded, progressive people to build a strong network base for the individual.

It challenge's and stimulates the thinking of your organisation and your people.

Improve the efficiency and productivity of your frontline workforce to encourage them to progress within your organisation.

Improve the loyalty of your front-line workers which will contribute to the overall culture within your organisation.

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