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About Us


We serve and empower indigenous people to achieve what's important in a consistent manner for them, their whanau, their organisation, their nation and the globe.


To be an indigenous-focused vehicle to serve indigenous people and organisations by:

Facilitating self-awareness to highlight and structure the use of their strengths.

Applying executive excellence learnings in a way that helps indigenous people to advance and grow.

Setting individual standards for turning dreams into reality.

Empowering indigenous people who want to get out of the poverty cycle.

Applying executive excellence learnings in a way that helps indigenous people to advance and grow.

Our values and behaviours

Look after number one

To serve more people you must first look after yourself. We acknowledge, care, build and grow the people who choose to serve with us, including their health, work-life balance and financial wellbeing. We seek to set a precedent for indigenous people, so in order to best serve our people we need to be physically healthy, mentally agile and spiritually clear. We also need to financially thrive in order to survive.

Look after whanau

We work openly and supportively as a whanau towards our vision of serving and empowering indigenous people. We base our whanau on trust and service, and also look after the growth and success of our organisation by building long-term relationships with our stakeholders. All these whanau relationships will contribute to our ability to respond quickly to the evolving needs of indigenous people because our whanau are our eyes and ears in the community.

Be real

We have fun working together. We take pride in our joint accomplishments and celebrate our successes. We conduct ourselves to the high standards set by our ancestors and seek to further grow the credibility of our people. We believe being real is the key to empowering indigenous people so we embrace authenticity and respect it in others.

Challenge the norm

We constantly stretch ourselves to lead the way with innovative ideas and encourage like-minded people to join this movement. We can create value for our stakeholders by striving to innovate and connect the indigenous and executive worlds in ways they can relate to. We are open to continuous development in all our endeavours and will make mistakes. When we do make mistakes, we pause, learn from them and move on.

Inspire through vision

Our vision is to empower indigenous people and give them the resources they need to be the best people they strive to be. We seek to raise awareness of the resources available to indigenous people and provide choices and inspiration to help them succeed.

Listen to the voice of the customer

The success of our customers is a big part of our values. Living and exhibiting our values is the best example to customers who will benefit in conquering the poverty cycle. We keep our ears close to the ground to research how we can meet the needs, wants and delights of our customers.

The story behind Indigenous Growth Limited

Reason behind the word “Indigenous”

We chose this name to tackle head-on some of the statistics dominated by indigenous people worldwide, including crime, high school drop-outs, teenage pregnancy, suicide and domestic violence.

Reason behind the word “Growth”

Based on small focus groups it was unanimous that if organisations wanted to increase the loyalty of their frontline workers, they will need to fulfil their highest need which was “Growth and Progression”. Growth is another word for excellence, which resonates with the indigenous market.

Reason behind the word “Limited”

We have created a limited liability company with a double bottom line. When it succeeds financially it can empower others to also succeed financially. This is part of our mission to empower indigenous people to empower themselves so they can make a difference.